Turkish Romani Dance

In this video Ozgen welcome you to explore 5 basic beginner steps for Turkish Romani Dance ( Roman Havası) & expanation about 9/8 Turkish rhythm which is used in Turkish Romani Dance.

This tutorial includes
1 Welcome
2 Intro
3 The Walking Step
4 Basic Step On The Stop
5 One Side To Other Side
6 Twist or Scissors Step
7 Half Turn
8 Thank you!

Music Credit : Guy Schalom , Tabla Tastic , Karshlama

Turkish Romani Dance

When you mention Turkish dance music, many dancers think only of the 9/8 rhythm they know as “Karsilama”. 9/8 is certainly one of the most popular and distinctive rhythms, but even the Roma frequently dance to chiftitellis, both fast and slow, and it does a disservice to Turkish music to ignore all the other wonderful rhythms and styles.

“Karsilama” is actually the name of a folk dance from Turkey, most commonly performed to a 9/8. It is not the name of a rhythm. Turkish musicians know the 9/8 as “dokuz sekiz” – literally “nine eight” in Turkish. Not all Turkish 9/8 songs are Roman, and not all Turkish Roman songs are 9/8. Roman 9/8s do tend to be distinctive; typically the 9th beat of the rhythm is left silent.


Most people are familiar with the term “gypsy” but the Rom generally don’t like to be called that. You’ll come across the terms Roman/Romany/Roma/Rom. In fact if you are looking for Turkish Roman music for dancing it is usually listed as “Roman Havasi” – which will find you some great stuff on youtube 🙂

They are a very marginalized group in most if not all of the places in the world they live these days, and they hold fast to their own culture. In Istanbul in Turkey, the best-known Romany district was Sulukule – Sulukule had been a Romany settlement since at least the 15th century, and a center for Turkish Roman music and dance.


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Turkish Romani Steps Series 1